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Lynn Ares is a lifelong accomplished horseman and animal lover.  She is a self-taught artist, but everlasting in her desire to grow and improve.  Lynn's art generally depicts nature using a uniquely vintage yet refreshingly forward approach.  Her media includes watercolor, ink, pencil, and pastel in whatever combination that proves successful.  

"I have ridden and trained hunter/jumpers and racehorses most of my life and have been an equine therapist for over 30 yrs."

"My husband and I have a company called Equine Provisions, LLC which produces high-quality, natural products for horses - check it out if you get the whim (equineprovisions.com). In the recent decade I have taken up a previously dormant love for drawing and then painting. This has been such a great joy and I am so grateful for the opportunity and gift from God."

"In my search for something unique I happened upon the idea to paint on vintage wood. The boards offer a fascinating canvas with gorgeous texture and I think it's a useful way to recycle."

"I also love to draw with pencil and wanted to restore some by-gone history with these equine theme sketches."

"They are meant to evoke the past but venture forward and stay fresh...thought it special to write some captions in French to add a fun twist."


Contact Lynn Ares at lynn@lynnaresart.com